Dec 2014

Nov 26-Dec 8

Wednesday November 26, 2014
I am learning that self preservation is an obstacle to peace.

Saturday November 29, 2014
I learned that no matter how tired or stressed you are you should always look where you are going, or else you might trip on a pile of sticks and mess up your ankle.

Sunday November 30, 2014
I learned that during a 10 second complete black out before the emergency lights go on, an orchestra of young wind players can keep going without dropping a beat.
Tuesday December 2
A sprained ankle can turn an alarming shade of blue mixed with yellow and green.

Friday December 4, 2014
I learned that no matter how low energy, end-of-the-weekish you feel an evening project meeting can be amazingly inspiring and fun and make you forget all about being tired.

Saturday December 5, 2014
I learned that contemplating the “road not taken” when you are tired, hungry and your house is a mess and the dinner needs to be made and your partner is out of town, is a recipe for emotional turmoil.

Sunday December 6, 2014
I learned that an ankle can take longer than a week to be fully functional after a sprain.

Monday December 7, 2014
Sometimes so many things can happen on a Monday that you think it must be at least Wednesday by now.

Tuesday December 8, 2014
I learned that when you truly see how brave, grounded and willing a group of young actors can be, it can take your breath away and leave you with tears in your eyes.