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Upward Spiral
Bringing movement to life
Julia has many years of study of the body in movement through her professional dance career, academic study and the study of the Mitzvah technique. She holds a B.A., B.Ed and is a certified Mitzvah teacher. She has taught movement to varied populations such as professional dancers at Dancemakers, musicians at the National Youth Orchestra, young children at the BEN School House and actors at UC Drama. Julia has a private practice, Upward Spiral, in the Mitzvah Technique offering workshops and private sessions.

Upward Spiral is dedicated to bringing ease of movement, greater physical facility and overall well being to the human body. Head aches, back pain and joint stiffness are rampant issues in our modern society. Using the Mitzvah Technique, searching for proper alignment and mindful motion, Upward Spiral offers an alternative way of healing and unwinding.

A session in the Mitzvah technique will help you realize your movement potential by increasing range of motion, releasing spinal tensions and realigning your posture. Whether you are doing dishes or running a marathon, efficiency of movement will give you long term health benefits.

Upward Spiral offers private sessions, workshops and small group lessons.

Private Sessions
In a private session with the Mitzvah technique you will be guided through gentle exercises adapted to your personal needs. Julia will work with you as a unique individual to develop means and ways to overcome physical difficulties. A private session will include hands-on work while you lie on a massage table in comfortable clothing.. The Mitzvah Technique invites your participation to release tension patterns and muscle stiffness. As the instructor works you will be asked to raise you head for a moment or slide your leg up and down. The table work will release tension patterns and allow the exercises to further improve the functioning of the Mitzvah principle. That is, releasing tension on the table will allow your spine to move more freely and thus the exercises you learn can do even more for you.

Wear comfortable clothes, Loose pants are needed. It’s good to bring socks, too.

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Small Group and Semi Private Sessions
Session are available for 2-3 people at a time. This session is similar to the private session in that exercises are adapted to personal needs. Participants each get focused time on the table and time to practice personal exercises with support and guidance. It is recommended for student to have at least 3 private sessions or 3 workshop sessions before registering in small group lessons.

Wear comfortable clothes, Loose pants are needed. It’s good to bring socks, too.
contact me for schedule information.