Julia holds a Bachelor of Education and is a certified Mitzvah teacher.
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She has taught professional technique class at Dancemakers. At the School of Toronto Dance Theatre she acted as rehearsal director and she has been guest choreographer at Ryerson University Dance Department. She was a movement instructor at University of Toronto’s UC Drama, National Youth Orchestra and the SoulPepper Academy.
She is certified by the Ontario College of Teachers to teach Grade 1-12 and has taught classes at Etobicoke School of the Arts,
Earl Haig School of the Arts, and has been guest dance consultant at North Toronto Collegiate Institute.

She has taught dance and movement in many settings including preschool, elementary school, high school, Universities, Colleges. She teaches all kinds of movers from beginners to professionals.
For 5 years, Julia was an elementary classroom teacher at the BEN School house where she incorporated music and dance into all aspects of learning.
With various communities, Julia now teaches freelance, focusing on learning about the human body in motion.

To learn more about her workshops and classes in the Mitzvah technique visit my Upward Spiral Page and/or contact me at japlin@me.com

My friend Veronica after taking my “Over 40 for Non-dancers Dance Class “asked me..
What exactly we do in our dance class? Explaining the moves doesn't quite cover it.  It's hard to be articulate about the magic. “ 
Here is my somewhat cryptic answer...
like all the best things in life, dancing can not easily be described in words.
You could say...
We dance around to warm up
We focus on freeing the body, which consequently frees the mind
We practice technical skills for strength, stability and flexibility with a particular focus on where those three things intersect 
We practice awareness of our own physicality and responses
We practice awareness of physical space and our relationship to it
 We practice awareness of changing spatial relationships to others in the space
We practice all of that within games and exercises of fixed parameters
We boogie, we prance, we shake, we roll, we sweat, we flow, we laugh, and we haven’t yet cried :)
and you, the dancers, are the magic!