The Yellow Wallpaper

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What would happen if you were driven to bury the
deepest, dearest part of yourself behind a wall?

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May 5-7. 2016 Theatre Aquarius Hamilton
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May 26, 2016 Registry Theatre, Kitchener-Waterloo
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In a dark, complex unraveling, The Yellow Wallpaper explores the psychological drama of Charlotte as she succumbs to the pressure of family and parenthood, and deals with the consequences of denying her true creative spirit.
The Yellow Wallpaper is an Interdisciplinary performance piece combining the skills and insights of the collaborators into a complex duet for dancer and actor.
 based on the short story by Charlotte Gilman-Perkins
Julia Aplin-choreographer/director
Anna Chatterton- writer/actor
John Gzowski- sound design/ composer
Ken MacKenzie-design
Jim Ruxton- media art designer
Jordana Deveau-dancer

Presented with support from the Ontario Arts Council Multi and InterArtsProgram and Ontario Dances Program.
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