Curriculum Vitae

Julia Aplin, B.A. ( dance) B.Ed.

208 St Helens Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M6H 4A1

Selected List of Choreography
July 2016 Love Project multi disciplinary collaboration with Banuta Rubess. Summer Works
June 2016-2017 The Last Curlew, collaboration with Tom Allen and Lori Gemmel
July 2014-2016 Singing River, multidisciplinary work for the Woscotonach (Don) River with Urban Vessel and the PanAm Art Relay
March 2016 The Yellow Wallpaper, collaborative creation, John Gzowski, composer, Anna Chatterton, writer, Jim Ruxton, electronics, Phillip Barker, design
July 2015 The Hum, multi disciplinary collaboration with Theatre Gargantua
2014-2016 Zolla collaboration with accordionist Tiina Kiik, performances in Ontario and Newfoundland
2015 Mirror multidisciplinary collaboration with Inter Arts Matrix
August 2013 Brain and Bicycle, for Everyday Marvels, Nuit Blanche at the Gardiner Museum poetry by Lorna Crozier, music and electronics by John Gzowski
July 2013 mighty fine line, community dance, for dance:made in Canada, music by John Gzowski
July 2012 Onward Ho, My Love, for Tiger Princess Productions
July 2011 Instadance, for pedestrians at the Ottawa Waterside Festival
June 2011 Brazil, flashmob for members of National Youth Orchestra
October 2010 Halo Ballet, cyber space choreography original composition by Aaron Gervias, Music Gallery performed by Toca Loca
2008 aideeoopdoop (commissioned by Harbourfront Centre) performed by Linnea Swan and Julia Aplin, music by John Gzowski at Luminat’eau Festival
2008 One Hundred performed by Caroline Niklas-Gordon at Pia Bouman Studio Theatre
2005 Brasserie (commissioned and performed by Canadian Brass) premiered at the Stratford Festival in Stratford, Ontario
Ick (commissioned by Dancemakers) premiered at the Premiere Dance Theatre
CatCh (commissioned by the Madawaska String Quartet) performed  by the Madawaska String Quartet with original composition by John Gzowski, premiered at The Music Garden, Toronto Ontario
Studies 1-10 excluding 6,7,8 (commissioned by Maureen Shea) performed by Maureen Shea, music by Johann Strauss, premiered Ottawa, Ontario
Pushing Up Daisy  created and performed by John Gzowski and Julia Aplin premiered at Dancemakers Presents, Toronto, Ontario,
nice cuppa tea (commissioned by Company Blonde) performed by Company Blonde, music arranged by John Gzowski premiered at Dusk Dances, Ottawa, 5 dancers, 50 cups of tea
Tree  performed by Julia Aplin and John Gzowski at The Burlington Arts Centre, original composition by John Gzowski,
Love performed by Janna Jo Scheunhag at Lbs/square inch workshop, music by John Gzowski,
Koron (commissioned by The Theatre Centre and Array Music) performed by Marie-Josee Chartier at The Theatre Centre, original composition by John Gzowski,
1999 Inner City Sirens Part Three (commissioned by Art in Open Spaces) performed by Julia Aplin, Shannon Cooney, Heidi Strauss, Tanya White, original composition by John Gzowski,
1999 A Wheel Ballet (commissioned by Dusk Dances) performed by twenty bicyclists at Dusk Dances, Toronto, original composition by John Gzowki,
1998 Inner City Sirens Part Two (commissioned by Dusk Dances) premiered at Dusk Dances, Toronto performed by Julia Aplin, Wilson Blakely, Debashis Sinha and Chris Wilson, original composition by Debashis Sinha and Chris Wilson
1998 Libra performed by Heidi Strauss and Jennifer Moore at The Edward Day Gallery as part of Dances/Portraits, Toronto, Ontario, music by John Gzowski,
1997 Song of Songs (commissioned by Dancemakers) performed by Dancemakers at The DuMaurier Arts Centre, Toronto, Ontario,
1997 Movements Nos. 5-9  by Julia Aplin and John Gzowski, Waterloo, ON

Selected List of Dance Performance Experience
January 2014 Petites Danse, choreographed by Marie-JoséeChartier
October 2013 Whirl Cabaret, Young Centre for the Arts
2012 Heartsong St Albert, Alberta, musician and dancer
2012 Theatre Direct, Dance Improv with Hope Terry
2011 Patty Cake- Ottawa Chamber Festival, musician
2011 Patty Cake, Gymnopedie- Sweet water Music Festival
February 2011 La Boheme, FemCab at Harbourfront Centre
November 2010 Voice-Box, at World Stage Festival at Harbourfront Centre
September 2010 One Day, created by Serge Bennathan, Fleck Dance Theatre
September 2010 Ekphrasis, Art Gallery of Ontario
June 2010 New Waves Festival, Young Centre
October 2009 Cabaret Festival, Young Centre
June 2009 New Waves Festival, Young Centre
July 2008
Sound Symposium, St John’s Newfoundland
2006-2009 Performances with ImPULSE Lab, multidisciplinary performance group

Absences created by Serge Bennathan, for Dancemakers
Tziganes created by Serge Bennathan for Dancemakers
Shelf Life by Kim Itoh
Venus and Adonis created by Serge Bennathan for Canadian Opera Company
The Invisible Life of Joseph Finch created by Serge Bennathan for Dancemakers
51 Pieces of Silver by Marie-Josée Chartier
Woollen by Shannon Cooney
Maa by Julia Sasso
Marooned Grey by Yvonne Coutts
Sisters by Gerry Trentham
The Gleaners by Andrea Nann
Sporting Life by Julia Sasso
Joe by Jean Pierre Perrault
Black on Blue by Yvonne Coutts
Serenade by George Balanchine with Banff Festival Ballet Company
Other Full-length works by Serge Bennathan;
Quand Les Grandméres S’Envolent, A Few Thousand Miles, C’est Beau ça La Vie, Chemin de Ronde, Chronicles of a Simple Life, Sable/Sand Trilogy, The Satie Project

Career Highlights
20013-2014 Series 8:08 Resident Artist with Creator’s Space Program
Co-ordinator for YMI Youth Dance Company
Dance and Music teacher at BEN School House
Private Practice in Mitzvah technique, body work for health and well being
Performer with Dancemakers under the Artistic Direction of Serge Bennathan performing across and Canada and Internationally
2001-2005 Founding
Co-Artistic Director of Platform 33, a collective for International Dance exchange commissioning new work from Canada, Japan and Spain
2000-2003 Board member of the Canadian Alliance of Dance Artists
1998-2002 founding member and leader of Hell’s Bellows, an all ladies all accordion band

Selected List of Choreographic Work for Theatre
January 2014 Idiot’s Delight, SoulPepper Theatre Company
April 2013 The Barber of Seville, SoulPepper Theatre Company
February 2013 The Seagull, (Chekov) National Theatre School, directed by Tanja Jacobs
Janurary 2012 Heartsong St Albert, Alberta, as designer, choreographer. musician and dancer
November 2010 Voice-Box, as director and choreographer for new opera with Urban Vessel, presented by World Stage Festival at Harbourfront Centre
June 2010 New Waves Festival, Young Centre
October 2009 Cabaret Festival, Young Centre
2007- 2008 The Gypsy Wife workshop at Tarragon Theatre, and Banff Centre
directed by Banuta Rubess, music by John Gzowski, performed by Patricia O’Callaghan and Robert Glumbek
2008 Bird Brain, choreographic contribution, directed by Ruth Madoc-Jones presented by LKTP Theater
2006 Go Forth and Multiply choreography for new play by Kate Lynch, directed by Alisa Palmer premiered at Factory Theatre
2001 Goodnight Desdomona, Good Morning Juliet   choreographic contribution, produced by Canadian Stage
Selected List of Theatre Performance Experience
2006 Go Forth and Mulitply by Kate Lynch, directed by Alisa Palmer, (as choreographer and dancer)
Mortality by Carol Shields, Tomson Highway, Paul Quarington and Stephen Dobyns directed by Ross Manson, presented by Volcano at The Theatre Centre (as actor and dancer)
Measure for Measure by Shakespeare, directed by Bill Glassco at The Montreal Young Company (as musician)
The Possibilities by Howard Barker, directed by Chris Abraham at The Montreal Young Company (as musician, received Nomination for Conceoption Sonore from (as musician, received Nomination for Conecption Sonore from Academie Quebecoises du Theatre)
1998 Quartet written by Eugene Strickland, directed by Alisa Palmer presented by Nightwood at Theatre Passe Muraille (as dancer, musician, received Dora Award for Sound Design)
1997 Jaded, written and directed by Banuta Rubess (workshop performance at Night Wood Theatre)

Scholarships and Awards

2014 Audience Choice Award, Dusk Dances for Inner City Sirens Part 2
2006 Retraining Award Dancer Transition Resource Centre
2002 Dora Mavor Moore Nomination for dance performance (Dancemakers)
Gemini Nomination for performance in The Rings of Saturn
Dora Mavor Moore Nomination for dance performance (Dancemakers)
Academie Quebecoises du Theatre Nomination conception sonore with John Gzowski
1999 Dora Mavor Moore Nomination for dance performance (Dancemakers)
Dora Mavor Moore Award for sound design with John Gzowski
Dora Mavor Moore Nomination for dance performance (Dancemakers)
Alumni Scholarship, Lois Matthews Scholarship, University of Waterloo
1990 Dorothie Harvie Memorial Scholarship, Banff Centre for the Arts