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community project with Older and Reckless, November 11 and 12

The Last Curlew
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June 18 8:00 at The Young Centre

Inspired by Fred Bodsworth’s seminal environmental story of a lone migratory Arctic bird in search of a mate, The Last Curlew takes you on a journey across two continents, deep inside the natural world, to the very edge of hope and survival. Storytelling by Tom Allen. Dance by Julia Aplin. Music by Alexina Louie and Barbara Croall: performed by harpist Lori Gemmell.

ICS2 upside down
Flux Dance Festival
July 1


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@ Elms Park
July 2 and 3

at the Sound Symposium
July 8-16
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Zolla because it all started with a conversation about Astor Piazzolla

Zolla because is sounds a bit like Zorro, dashing, mysterious, daring,  with that awesome three lined gesture…Ya! Ya! Ya!
Zolla because is sounds a bit like a nice friendly greeting, “Ola!”
And reminds you of the flamboyant “Olé!”

Zolla because with that “Z” at the beginning you can lift your upper lip and bare your teeth like a tiger

Zolla because there are 2 “L’s” and there are two of us.

Zolla because is has that element of surprise with the first vowel “Oh!”

Zolla because it may lead you to understanding with the last vowel “Ah!”

The Love Project
at SummerWorks
The Paddock
August 6-20